Once upon a time....

Every Cake is Special

​​​​​​It all started with a personal project, baking and decorating for a family member's wedding cake. When the cake was delivered, both the Bride and Guests raved about the cake. This is when the my creative journey began. Since I enjoyed the experience and had a passion for the art of baking, I began to expand my horizons and started to research various cake designs and techniques using resources such as books and the internet.  I started to bake cakes for family members and friends and word of mouth got around and this is when Abundantly Sweets Cakes was born.

Our bakery is  located in New Bedford, MA and we currently serve the Southeastern Massachusetts region. We use the freshest ingredients and our cakes are made from scratch so our cakes are not only beautiful but they are delectable too! Both attention to detail and excellent customer service is part of Abundantly Sweet Cakes culture.

We offer various cakes for occasions such as  Wedding cakes, Birthday cakes, shower cakes, graduation cakes , tea party cakes,  theme cakes and cake designs to fit your story . In addition to cakes, we also offer holiday cookies and cupcakes.

Need a Quote or would like a consult for a wedding? Please go to the contact page and send us an email or give us a call at 774 263 2737.

  About Abundantly Sweet Cakes

                         Located in New Bedford, MA